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Message from Frank Abrams,
CEO & Founder Geescore

updated Oct 29th  2021


Our priorities are to deliver the best Jobseeker Scoring as a service, sell our service and raise capital to grow.
We have developed front and back end methods to deliver a score in just a few seconds, in both B2B and B2C chrome extensions, and B2B embedded scoring widgets.

Jobseekers can … download a pdf of their score, and include it in a job application.

The scoring solution is built, and we’re gaining traction with job portals. For a 1:1 demo and a chat about investing, book a call here:


Frank Abrams
416 302-4475 cell~text
Founder CV

Investors and CoFounders

The scoring solution is built, and we’re gaining traction.
For a 1:1 demo and a chat about investing, please book a 30 min call here


We are are looking for CoFounders and Distribution Partners who understand the service we have built, and believe that Geescore™ can revolutionize HR; fundamentally changing how people find and apply for work.


Do you know a CoFounder with imagination and experience?
  1. Distribution & Sales
  2. Finance
  3. Technology


Our Geescore™ Jobseeker scoring service is built and operational We are on the path to get widespread distribution.

We don't have to make claims about what we intend to do. We have done it. We work every day, to make the Geescore™ Jobseeker scoring service better.

Geescore™ Jobseeker Scoring as a Service:

The Geescore™ scoring widget embedded into job postings and search results. B2B
My JobScore - free scoring on any job posting, anywhere. B2C
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download your score
NEW dl Geescore 2

Everything we do is focused on determining high Jobseeker suitability for a job, and confirming the Jobseeker's experience and competencies are in the correct work domain.

Matching Science, Machine Intelligence, Augmented Layer, Classic & LDA Scoring Algorithms.

The Geescore™ scoring algorithms, and the machine intelligence processes to improve them, are founded on wisdom from real world recruiting and hiring experience, combined with advanced AI. Geescore ™ has easy enterprise integration to Client dashboards via API, as well as an AR layer for Hiring Managers, inside the job posting.

  1. Geescore™ is an automatic Jobseeker scoring service that is bias-free and objective.
  2. Geescore™ is hyper-fast (2 seconds 2021 performance target)
  3. Geescore™ works with any job posting, anywhere, and the leading global job portals
  4. Geescore™ works with any Jobseeker – upload a resume once
  5. Geescore™ factors in matching science, determines relevant experience, and scores other real world HR parameters, as well as using the most advanced LDA methodology
  6. Geescore™ automatically improves based on machine intelligence and scoring validation
  7. Geescore™ helps Jobseekers improve their scores by adding data, sharing links, and filling in missing information
  8. Geescore™ is easy to use, free to try, low cost, and low integration

Frank Abrams

416 302-4475 cell ~ text