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We are building a brand new Geescore™ Client dashboard that works in multiple channels, (including as a chrome extension so a Client can preview our scoring solutions)

Meanwhile you can have a look at this Jobposter extension.


Score your Candidates for Free


Jobposter by Geescore™ is a full-featured tool designed for Hiring Managers. (No software installation is needed).

Using this browser-based tool, a Hiring Manager can open up their own job posting, (or any job posting, anywhere), launch the chrome extension, and score their own Candidates for free.

The tool helps a Jobposter evaluate the Geescore™ scoring system, find high-scoring external Jobseekers, and much, much more.


Explore the Geescore™ bundle


  1. Unlock external Jobseekers.
  2. Boost the job posting in social networks (over 50,000 done to date).
  3. Discover the best job boards for the job posting.
  4. Get referrals from Jobseekers to their co-workers, friends and family.
  5. Protect and improve the online reputation of the organization.