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Our scoring service collects 3 pieces of data. Your resume, your email and your zipcode.

We share your score, your resume and contact information with registered hiring companies, looking for high scoring jobseekers. We don’t sell or distribute any data to anyone else.

My Jobscore is a trade name of Geescore Inc.

Jobseekers agree as a condition of using the My Jobscore service, or Geescore™ service, or any service using the Geescore™ Saas scoring service, that they are providing their explicit permission to My Jobscore, and or Geescore™ Inc to share their score, resume, and contact information with hiring companies.


  1. We are committed to making sure Jobseekers have control over who gets to see their resume and other information.
  2. We are committed to bias-free scoring. We are not interested in your name, gender, age, color, religion, or ethnicity.
  3. Jobseekers provide their explicit permission when using the service to allow registered hiring companies to see their information.

April 19th 2022