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  1. We are committed to making sure Jobseekers have control over who gets to see their resume and other information.
  2. Jobseekers need to provide explicit permission to allow someone to see their information.
  3. There are 2 ways to give permission.


updated Feb. 18th 2020

A Jobseeker can

  1. Give permission each time a Jobseeker has a high score, and a Jobposter (hiring Company) is interested in them, for a job opportunity,
  2. Pre-approve permission and save the time it takes to reach the Jobseeker, and get a response. If the Jobseeker is in an active job search, we strongly suggest they pre-approve explicit permission. The Jobposter (hiring Company) for a specific opportunity, will see their high score and can get instant access to their information.

How We Handle Data in the System

(1) How we handle data uploaded by a Jobseeker: resume and ADD, SHARE, FIX for specific job postings.

Data uploaded by the Jobseeker is protected by Geescore™ and is only released under 2 possible conditions. The Jobseeker pre-approves permission or the Jobseeker provides permission on a case by case basis.

(2) How we handle Jobseeker data uploaded by Jobposter or Job Portal : Data uploaded is not visible to anyone else.

(3) How we handle Geescore™ system generated data; scoring history, communications etc. Data generated by the operations of the Geescore™ system is used at Geescore™ sole discretion.