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Use Cases for Geescore and My Jobscore Services

Geescore, (and the jobseeker scoring service called My Jobscore), is an AI based scoring service. We help...

86 geescore
  • Recruiters,
  • Hiring Managers,
  • Staffing Companies, Contingent Recruiters, Retained Executive Search Co.s,
  • Job Boards,
  • Job Publishers,
  • Government Career Dept.s,
  • and of course Jobseekers who get their score in less than 2 seconds to help them find the right job (and not waste your time).
The service uses front-end, secured, embedded javascript code inside job posts,  job search pages, and career webpages.

1. Reduces the #1 issue in hiring – Too many unsuitable job applicants
2. Scoring in the job posting or job search results, before they apply, or even if they don’t apply
3. Geescore is of value to both Jobseekers and Hiring Companies
4. Geescore scores for high suitability in the correct work domain
5. Geescore is purposely bias free: age, gender, ethnicity, income



What problems do we solve?

Reduces the #1 issue in Hiring – that is getting 10x worse with AI: Too many unsuitable job applicants… caused by a technology trap: internet makes it too easy to apply with a click, without knowing which of thousands of jobs to apply to. And now AI tools help jobseekers fake their resume and game the system.


Geescore validates scoring for high suitability and the correct work domain.

We are a Blue Ocean company meaning… completely focused on scoring services – we don’t try and do other HR functions, just the best scoring, matching and real-time engaging, with all the resulting value to both Jobseekers and Hiring Companies, and… our service doesn’t interfere with HR tech or existing solutions.


More decision-making data for Hiring Managers inside a built-in dashboard (no integration needed).

Changes Jobseeker behaviour by identifying high-scoring jobs, matching jobs and pointing Jobseekers to jobs in the correct work domain, with high suitability.
Empowers Hiring Managers to try the service (for free) on their own, pick a job posting, upload resumes and validate Geescore scoring against their own assessment of internal Candidate suitability. (Jobposter chrome extension). We include a convenient hyperlinked score download PDF.


How Does it Work?

We have a proprietary Scoring Metagraph built with:

  1. Advanced proprietary AI –  LLM and matching science.
  2. Custom scoring modules with real-time jobseeker engagement that is client and role specific.
  3. We evaluate up to 12 “real world recruiting factors” such as steady job, interest, commuting distance.
  4. A transparent external scoring validation program

Use Cases

EX — Chrome Browser Scoring Extensions – that are launched over any job posting or job search page
EM— Embedded Javascript Scoring Widget – that is positioned inside a job posting or job search page
EMT— Embedded Javascript Scoring Table – that is positioned inside any webpage
API— Scoring Service Data – is matched to application data via backend API

all include a built-in toggle to a secure client dashboard (no integration needed)


72 geescore

USE CASE 1 Hiring Companies, Recruiters, Staffing

*Reduce the number of unsuitable applicants

*Suppress the apply button unless the jobseeker has a good score

*Real-time engagement (questions) and custom scoring

*Display scores in less than 2 seconds to influence jobseeker behavior

*Shortlist of high-scoring Candidates in seconds, sort, filter

*Customize the front-end design to match look and feel

*Includes built-in client dashboard & data via API

*Multiple languages



USE CASE 2 Job Boards and Job Publishers

*Offer a high-value service in the front-end

*New revenue stream for job posting

*New revenue stream for CPQC – per qualified click*

*New revenue stream for CPQA – per qualified applicant

*New revenue stream for programmatic services

*Customize the front-end design to match look and feel

*includes built-in client dashboard & data via API

*multiple languages






USE CASE 3  Career Departments

*Offer a free chrome extension for Jobseekers

*Scores Jobseeker for any job posting, anywhere in multiple languages

*Upload resume, email & zipcode one time only

*Free Proof of awesomeness – score download PDF of Jobseeker score

*Customize the front-end design to match look and feel

*Includes built-in client dashboard & data via API



USE CASE 4 API scoring services – All Client Types

*New revenue streams

*Match our scoring data with your applicant data

*Data via API

*Multiple languages

*Level 1 score & PDF: supply resume, email and zipcode

*Level 2 score & PDF: above plus linkedin link, tel# , photo