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One of the biggest problems in HR? Unsuitable Jobseekers clogging up the application system.

Geescore™ scores Jobseekers in about 3 seconds.

The biggest problem in HR today is a “technology trap” caused by the Internet.

It’s too easy to apply for a job.

Career oriented Jobseekers don’t click and apply to hundreds of jobs a day. They select an opportunity that fits their experience and capabilities. They research. They customize resumes and cover letters. Then they hope their application isn’t lost in a flood of unsuitable resumes.

However, most Jobseekers don’t make this kind of effort. They just click and apply, and wonder why they aren’t getting a response from the Company.

Geescore™ helps Jobposters by scoring Jobseekers in about 3 seconds.

You can select high-scoring Jobseekers to focus on; internal applicants (free) and/or external applicants.

Frank Abrams
Founder of Geescore™