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Try Geescore™ Now!

There are 5 ways to try Geescore™


  1. You can go to our beta page, and see how the system scores 3 sample Jobseekers. You can also see how you score yourself. In the beta we publish a list view of the most recent job postings in our system. You can give us feedback on Geescore™ and watch a short video as well.
  2. Another way to try Geescore™ is to go to a job board using Geescore™on a Publisher site. You will find the job board in the sidebar on the right hand side. The sidebar job boards have recent jobs, search jobs, any job posting, anywhere, and list views of jobs where you are scored instantly.
  3. We have collected live job postings with the Geescore™ scoring widget. You can link to the live job postings here
  4. We have a Geescore™ Chrome Extension for Jobseekers. Load it up and use your browser to go to any job posting anywhere, and many lists of jobs. Try out Geescore™.
  5. If you are a Company or Organization posting job opportunities, you can try out Geescore™ and test out the scoring solution, compared to how you rank your Jobseekers. Check how your own Candidates score for a job opportunity, using the Geescore™ Chrome Extension for Jobposters.

We have created a Geescore™ BETA for Web Publishers, CoFounders and Investors to try out the Geescore™ scoring solution.

In the BETA, pick a sample resume and with 1 click, see how that Jobseeker would score for different jobs, or you can try your own resume to test out the Geescore™ scoring solution.

The 1 minute video to the right describes Geescore™ BETA.

The link to the BETA is here… https://geescore.com/beta/