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Try Geescore™ Now!

Different ways to try Geescore™


  1. You can go to our beta page, and see how the system scores 3 sample Jobseekers. You can also see how you score yourself. In the beta we publish a list view of the most recent job postings in our system. You can give us feedback on Geescore™ and watch a short video as well.
  2. We have collected live job postings with the Geescore™ scoring widget. You can link to the live job postings here
  3. We have a Geescore™ Chrome Extension for Jobseekers. Load it up and use your browser to go to any job posting anywhere, and many lists of jobs. Try out Geescore™.

We have created a Geescore™ BETA for Web Publishers, CoFounders and Investors to try out the Geescore™ scoring solution.

In the BETA, pick a sample resume and with 1 click, see how that Jobseeker would score for different jobs, or you can try your own resume to test out the Geescore™ scoring solution.

The 1 minute video to the right describes Geescore™ BETA.

The link to the BETA is here… https://geescore.com/beta/