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Frank Abrams, Founder

updated Jan 16 2024

Ideation, Innovation, Solution Engineer, Builder, Mechanic, Serial Entrepreneur


The first thing I would like Investors, Shareholders and Clients to know about Geescore™ is that it is hard to do what we are doing.


We are giving jobseekers a tool they have never had before; the ability to instantly get and see their score for a job, just by doing a job search or visiting a job posting. We also give them a pdf record of this score to help them get the interview, and get the job offer.


Consider what we have to do. First we need to collect the data from the resume and job posting, return it to the back end of our service, parse this raw data into structured form, then apply our scoring and finally return the score. Users need to get the result quickly – within 2 seconds. The speed and reliability of our scoring service is a product feature.


Our scoring service must work reliably, be fast, be scalable, with validated scoring. That’s the core of what we do. We can’t deliver a shabby MVP just to gain attention or raise $.


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Geescore Inc operates this jobseeker scoring SaaS platform under different names.


The client version is called Geescore™. This service has both embedded scoring widgets inside job search and job postings, as well as chrome browser extensions (mobile apps coming soon).


The jobseeker version is called My Jobscore – it is a chrome browser extension, a companion webpage (mobile apps coming soon).


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We have recently emerged from stealth development and have begun marketing and sales. We are raising investment for growth.


Our SaaS platform delivers scores to jobseekers as early AR (augmented reality) layer “on top of” job posts and job search. We consider our operation as both HR Tech as well as AI and AR.


We also participate in workforce planning programs, and jobseeker support initiatives, such as the federal WOTC program, and other government projects, because we have a strong knowledge and capability around job postings, web traffic, and SEO.


We are a few steps ahead of enterprise job matching services. Here’s how:

◦ Our scoring is visible to Jobseekers while they are searching for jobs.
◦ Our service is designed to deliver a score in a few seconds.
◦ Our scoring works on any job posting, anywhere.
◦ Our service includes a mini-dashboard for hiring managers.
◦ Our service has real-time jobseeker engagement, and is a platform for different solutions.

I’m really excited about the technologies we have developed, especially the fast SaaS scoring from Geescore™. My past work has influenced this – from decision and scoring algorithms, to location savvy applications. Geescore™ improves how people find work opportunities, and get hired.

Frank Abrams, CEO & Founder

Frank Abrams tel: 416 302-4475

Frank’s work
  • 80s Public Optical Retail Patient Management System (17 locations) using Apple IIe
  • 80s Personal Computer Institute (partner) – training & sales PC and Mac
  • 90s My Favorite Sunset Hotel Reservation Network – airline code CU & compuserve – marketing/reservations for 160 Central American & Caribbean hotels
  • 90s Flying Disc Entertainment – public company symbol FDCD new media productions
  • 00s ~ 10s Scansave/Clustermark – data-rich, location-based, marketing & promotion optimization using wap phones and in-store scanner/printers
  • 00s ~ 10s zenPeak Executive Search; mobile apps for Job Alerts
  • 10s ~20s Geescore™ & My Jobscore– Jobseeker scoring: web widgets & mobile apps