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Frank Abrams, Founder

“I’m really excited about the technologies we have developed, especially Geescore™. My past work has influenced this – from decision and scoring algorithms, to location savvy applications. Geescore™ improves how people find work opportunities, and get hired”.

Frank Abrams Founder CV

contact: Frank Abrams tel: 416 733-3001
email: fabrams@geemode.com

Frank’s work
  • 80s Public Optical Retail Patient Management System (17 locations) using Apple IIe
  • 80s Personal Computer Institute (partner) – training & sales PC and Mac
  • 90s My Favorite Sunset Hotel Reservation Network – airline code CU & compuserve – marketing/reservations for 160 Central American & Caribbean hotels
  • 90s Flying Disc Entertainment – public company symbol FDCD new media productions
  • 00s Scansave/Clustermark – data-rich, location-based, marketing & promotion optimization using wap phones and in-store scanner/printers
  • 00s ~ 10s zenPeak Executive Search; mobile apps for Job Alerts
  • 10s Geemode – featuring Geescore™ – Never Apply for a Job Again™ Jobseeker scoring: web widgets & mobile apps
Message from Frank Abrams, Founder Geescore™

Latest Update: In 2019 we are launching a Beta program of the Geescore™ scoring tool, getting feedback from 1,000 + HR Industry Experts and Business Leaders. The purpose of the Beta is to establish market need & demand, as well as to demonstrate Geescore™ to potential CoFounders  and Investors.

In July 2019, we launched our Jobposter by Geescore chrome browser extension. This was built for Companies and Hiring Managers to visit their job postings, and get free scoring of their Candidates, as well as to access external high-scoring Jobseekers, boost their job posting, and more.  

If you have any questions or comments about Geescore, please reach out — Thanks, Frank Abrams Founder CV