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Where We Are Today


We deliver jobseeker scoring in seconds, in the front end such as during a job search or in a job posting, before candidates apply.


The jobseeker sees their score, and can identify the right job for them instead of wasting their time, and the time of hiring companies, applying for positions they are not suited for.


We have a number of ways to deliver this scoring, including chrome browser extensions, and embedded widgets inside job posts, during a job search .

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Where We Started


In 2008 when I started zenPeak HR recruiting, my goal was to do a better job than other Recruiters in sourcing and evaluating Candidates. This began with using a hybrid fee instead of a contingency success fee; a 5% fixed fee at the start of a search, followed by an 8% success fee if the Candidate is hired. Much lower fees than contingency recruiter fees, and for us… not wasting 80% of our time like contingency recruiters, on assignments that go nowhere. The additional benefit to Clients is regardless of the difficulty of the assignment, we wouldn’t just fire off resumes as fast as we can, and if there were challenges, not drop the effort and look elsewhere for easier work. More information in the zenPeak Pages


Failure and Success


I underestimated the attraction of success-based recruiters to many Hiring Managers. This resulted in more upfront business development work to get contracts. In the end, the fees with a pure contingency Recruiter are higher than ours, and the Candidates not as well-screened, but admittedly having no upfront fixed fees was preferable to some potential Clients. Another one of my assumptions was that the system we created could be used by a variety of Associates in securing and closing business. My team uses face to face time with Candidates “internalizing” them, so the Candidate is more than just a name on a resume, but a person we know. However even when equipped with superior knowledge of the Candidate, some people are afraid to talk to people they don’t know – plain and simple. The sales and consultative skills of a good Recruiter made a bigger difference than expected. My focus and time is now on Geescore.


A History of Scoring


zenPeak Recruiters uses the zeroriskHR EQ profile. The reason we selected this testing process in 2008 was that it could not be gamed by the Jobseeker, is fast (taking only 10-15 minutes online), and focuses on workplace success based on scoring of the job, against the Jobseeker. Candidate trust and integrity is difficult to assess from just a resume and references. So we have used this profile on thousands of Jobseekers, each time generating a custom 18 page behavioral interview guide and scores. We use the results as a starting point in scheduled reference interviews; with former “managers” probing the areas of weakness or uncertainty of the Candidate, for the role they are being considered for.


A Better Resume – 3 Second Resume style “What I Can Do For You”


Most Jobseeker resumes follow a format that collects everything they have ever done combined with meaningless language such as “team player”. Employers are more interested in what you can do for them, along with numeric results to provide proof and back up a Jobseeker’s claims. This “3 Second Resume” format is a powerful way to make it easier for a Hiring Manager to cut through confusion. We launched a resume service a few years ago helping Jobseekers set a budget, then choose a professional Resume Writer who could help them write their resume in the 3 second resume style. Understanding resume issues is critical to understanding how jobseekers can get more success with their job search.  Geescore is adding scoring to bring more success to the hiring process.


Careerhub Job Apps with Map View


In 2013 we launched the first of 3 versions of the Careerhub mobile app in both iOS and Android versions. The Careerhub apps are a great mobile tool for Jobseekers. This delivered great learning about being radically different, and solving the core problems of the hiring process – not providing incremental improvements to established processes or tools.


Onward to Geescore!