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Scoring Tool

Geescore™ delivers a Jobseeker score for a specific job,
at a moment in time (resume needed once)
Geescore™ Scoring:

  • Is automatic
  • Is fast – score delivered in <4 seconds
  • Works in Chrome or Firefox browser, with any job posting, anywhere
  • Works in widgets, web and mobile apps with any job posting, anywhere
  • Is a tool that complements any HR system, job board or job posting
  • Is a high-value tool for Jobposters or Company Hiring Managers:
    1. Easy to use – no need for integration
    2. Free to try
    3. Low cost
    4. Low commitment
    5. More Jobseeker data

R Tool

Geescore™ challenges Jobseekers to improve their score
by fixing missing info. and adding documents & data

  • The reward for Jobseekers is a higher score
  • The resulting benefit for Hiring Managers
    is more decision-making documents & data
  • Consumer Relationship – improve Jobposter reputation and
    brand via engagement excellence
  • Improve score and collect more data via challenges
  • Last mile – connect high scoring Jobseekers to Jobposters

Do you have job postings? You can add Geescore™ Jobseeker scoring Check out the Geescore™ Program


Never Apply for a Job Again™

#HRTech for both Jobseekers and Jobposters

#HRTech that works!

contact: Frank Abrams
tel: 416 733-3001