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Our mission is to help you hire great people.

Our company is based in Toronto, Canada. We are different in many ways. If you had to pick one thing that sets us apart, it’s the up front work we do to find and internalize “hidden” Candidates, so we actually know… What They Can Do For You!

Our Clients typically have from 100 up to 5,000 employees. We deal with the decision-making executive first, and then their team, as we deliver in the executive search or recruitment engagement @ the leadership level.

As you can see from our services, we are here to help Candidates too. Job Alerts, the Career Guide, 3 Second Resume, interview support, and much more.

“I’m proud to say that everything we do, every word on this website, every product and service we deliver on, everything… has been created by myself, and my team over the past 7 years. We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions” – Frank Abrams

Clients don’t have to waste time or work hard to figure out a zenPeak Candidate. It’s done for them.

zenPeak pricing eliminates waste, enabling us to deliver at a very reasonable cost.

zenPeak Candidates have a story to tell.

They participate in a high compliance process that includes repairing their resume into a standardized zenPeak functional style, building success stories, interview coaching, and EQ testing and assessment.

We don’t skip steps.

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The zenPeak up-front & high-value system includes the zeroriskHR candidate testing and assessment interview discipline. sample: zeroriskHR test & assessment

Please call directly for more information: 416 733-3001 or email

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