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Staffing Companies need to quickly find the best Candidates for new contract postings.

GeescoreTM for Staffing scores a Jobseeker for any job posting anywhere, in a few seconds.

New Job Posting?

Fast Results for Staffing Co.s & Job Portals.

We pre-sort and score Jobseekers for the fastest possible results.

We apply custom scoring modules to ensure high-scoring Jobseekers are in the correct work domain.

Staffing Companies are in a competitive battle to fill new open positions from an existing data store of resumes, or from new applicants from job postings. We help with both; pre-sorting and scoring both resumes on hand in data stores, as well as engaging with new potential applicants on a job posting or list of jobs.

The goal? Find highly suitable Jobseekers with experience in the correct work domain.

GeescoreTM raises the bar.

(1) GeescoreTM operates scoring with domain specific "matching science", scoring validation to eliminate bias and increase objectivity, as well as custom domain specific scoring modules.

(2) We identify high scoring Jobseekers, and deliver them to the Hiring Manager via a dashboard and emails.

(3) We collect more decision-making data for Hiring Managers with Get a Higher Score! (ADD, SHARE and FIX).

(4) We change the behaviors of Jobseekers. They can see which jobs are a waste of their time and this discourages unsuitable applicants. Instead of applying to every job, the Jobseekers can focus on applying to those jobs where they have a high score.

GeescoreTM for Staffing is easy and fast to access.

GeescoreTM gives a Hiring
Manager at a Staffing Company
their own dashboard "view" of high-scoring Jobseekers.

The GeescoreTM dashboard has role based access for Distribution Partners like a Staffing Co. or Job Portal, and Client Companies who might be advertising their open positions.

(1) Webpage Access: We use a custom webpage GeescoreTM dashboard to manage marketing campaigns, Jobseekers and their score history, and much more. Free scoring info. and pricing here

(2) Access inside YOUR job posting! When the GeescoreTM scoring widget is embedded in the job posting or a list of jobs...
A "hot key" toggles to the Hiring Manager view. Holding down the CTRL ALT G keys on the keyboard, switches the view. The view opens the dashboard, and gives instant GeescoreTM free scoring for internal Candidates, access to our service bundle and services dashboard.

(3) Access using a chrome browser extension: The GeescoreTM Jobposter chrome browser extension opens the dashboard, and gives Hiring Managers instant GeescoreTM free scoring for internal Candidates, as well as access to our service bundle, and services dashboard.