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Why would getting a “NO” from VITO be called Pay Dirt?

In Ch. 19 of “Selling to VITO” the book describes 5 ways that VITO responds to your presentation & what you are asking for. It’s called “Pay Dirt”. “Pay Dirt” is a term that refers to finding gold when prospecting, and is used anytime someone has success. So why would hearing pushbacks from VITO be called “Pay Dirt”? Because… you have reached VITO. and only VITO can say… I’m too busy I’m not interested Call back in 6 months Send me a brochure I’m happy with who we are using Only VITO can say YES or NO and these are NOs (not maybe) – so you are talking to VITO. You have internalized a Candidate and want to share “What They Can Do For You” with a request for a few minutes face to face, to talk about the Candidate, and how zenPeak works. That’s what you are asking for to move your business forward. Only VITO can say YES or NO. At that moment, let the Candidate take centre stage and move from initial presentation to dialogue to see/hear what VITO wants and needs. Being shunted is MAYBE. The Black Hole of MAYBE Not going anywhere, not leading to the thrill of a face to face with VITO, or placing a Candidate and changing lives (inc. yours). – its filled with people who can’t say YES or NO so they say… Maybe. Being sent to The Black Hole of MAYBE is your moment. The moment to put on the brakes and find out if the person you are being shunted to can say YES or NO. and if the person who is shunting you is getting rid of you, or leading you on to the path of a YES or NO. If you can recognize this moment and qualify the opportunity you will shine. You will have great success in any work or effort. Don’t be afraid to lose the opportunity by hitting the brakes, stopping the conversation and qualifying it. Being shunted is going nowhere for you anyways unless it has been qualified as the path to a YES or a NO. You will be respected and do more business.

Getting shunted is the fork in the road. One direction is YES or NO. The other is the The Black Hole of MAYBE. Qualify the opportunity to stay in the direction of Pay Dirt.