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A How does it work?

The lite version of the job ALERTs gives you 10 free local “hidden” job ALERTs every day. The system gives you the best matching results based on your preferences (tags, commuting distance, location etc.) If you customize your resume for an opportunity, do some research and follow up, you should get results. To get different job ALERTs , after 12 hours, change up your preferences.

We search for new “hidden” local jobs every – jobs you may not find anywhere else.
Will a few local job ALERTs help me in a job search? YES, if you are applying to “hidden” jobs with a custom resume, and the job opportunity fits your experience

If you are carefully applying to even a few job opportunities a day, then you should be getting telephone interviews. If not, then you may be applying to jobs that are not a good match to your experience, skills etc. You should get results, when you respond to an opportunity with fewer applicants (such as the “hidden” local job ALERTs), with a customized resume, some research and direct follow-up. Your chances are better with an online application to a job ALERT, rather than responding to a job posting that is all over the Internet, on every job board, that may be attracting thousands of applicants.

We measure the exposure of the job ALERTs before we post them – if the job ALERT is all over the Internet, we probably won’t post it.

The zenPeak job ALERTs are local, full-time, salaried jobs… & the lite version is free.

ONE MORE THING… It’s always a good idea to track how many jobs you are applying for – you may be shocked!

In a recent blog post we wrote… There is one statistic that tells a lot about how well the search has been going for the candidate. We ask for this information every time we meet someone.  full blog post here

Register here as a first step to get the lite version of local job ALERTs mobile apps. If you are already logged in, select Products on the right, for the lite version