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Posting a job isn't enough to deliver value to a Client. Your Clients want proactive marketing and technological solutions, to find them high-scoring Jobseekers to fill open positions.

GeescoreTM delivers results: high-scoring Jobseekers.
Happy Clients will order value-add campaigns again and again.

Multiple roles such as Organization, Clients, Local Campaigns and more.

The GeescoreTM dashboard has role based access for Distribution Partners, Organizations, Companies.

(1) Webpage Access: What could be easier than a unique webpage GeescoreTM dashboard to manage marketing campaigns, Jobseekers their scores, and much more. (free trial)

(2) Access inside a job posting. When GeescoreTM is embedded in the job posting or a list of jobs... a "hot key" toggles to the Hiring Manager view. Holding down the CTRL ALT G keys on the keyboard, switches the view. The view opens the dashboard, and gives instant GeescoreTM free scoring for internal Candidates, access to our service bundle and services dashboard.

(3) Access using a chrome browser extension: The GeescoreTM Jobposter chrome browser extension opens the dashboard, and gives Hiring Managers instant GeescoreTM free scoring for internal Candidates, as well as access to our service bundle, and services dashboard.