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Geescore Inc operates a SaaS jobseeker scoring platform.

We have recently emerged from stealth development and have begun marketing and sales.

We are raising investment capital for growth.


Our scoring is a dynamic hybrid approach based on constant improvement; lowering bias, increasing objectivity, and score validation.

More on Scoring

Our SaaS platform delivers scores to jobseekers as an AR layer “on top of” job posts and job search with the My Jobscore brand extension, supported by companion webpages, and an app under development.

For job boards and corporate career pages, we offer the Geescore embedded javascript widget, inside job search and job posts,

We participate in workforce planning programs, and jobseeker support initiatives, such as the federal WOTC program, and other government projects.

Our Leadership & Advisors


What we’re doing is different and hard

Our scoring service must work reliably, be fast, be scalable, with validated scoring. That’s the core of what we do. We can’t deliver a shabby MVP just to gain attention or raise $.

We are a few steps ahead of other enterprise job matching services. Here’s how:

◦ Our scoring is visible to Jobseekers while they are searching for jobs.
◦ Our service is designed to deliver a score in a few seconds.
◦ Our scoring works on any job posting, anywhere.
◦ Our service includes a mini-dashboard for hiring managers.
◦ Our service has real-time jobseeker engagement, and is a platform for different solutions