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Proof of Awesomeness

with the most powerful scoring service available

  • AI based scoring and matching in less than 2 seconds
  • Jobseeker engagement before they apply via custom scoring services
  • AI fraud detection catches faked and exaggerated resumes

Know the
Score Before

We use AI to score jobseekers inside
job posts and search, before
they apply

Jobseeker scoring

For Hiring Companies

We score, match and engage jobseekers before they apply,

and even if they don’t apply. Identify high-scoring passive,

hidden candidates.


Geescore™ scores, matches & engages with Jobseekers in the “front-end” – inside a job post, a job search, career pages, fan sites and more. We offer our service via API too.

Don't be a victim of AI Fraud

  • Our scoring service includes AI resume fraud detection.
  • Dozens of AI tools help rejected, ignored and frustrated jobseekers send bulk applications with fake or exaggerated resumes. Geescore detects this.

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