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Executive Search @ the Leadership Level

  • Getting Started – Discovery Process
  • Account Management
  • The Position; provide advice/ recommendations on formulating position descriptions
  • Establishing position testing benchmarks for the zeroriskHR profile
  • Sourcing of potential Candidates (advertising costs extra)
  • Screen prospective Candidates (yours or ours) for motivation, skills, salary, availability and geographic location
  • Deliver and interpret online Candidate emotional intelligence tests and assessments
  • Deliver to Client printed assessment reports (on the Candidate) against occupational benchmarks
  • Deliver to Client behavioral interview questions customized for the role and Candidate
  • Guide Candidate through resume repair to standardized “zenPeak style” 3 second resume
  • Interview Candidates – telephone & face to face
  • Client Presentation including recommended short lists of Candidates
  • Facilitate Client~Candidate communications, interviews etc.
  • Provide feedback between Client~Candidate at each step in the process
  • Reference Checking: expanded reference check interviews
  • Assist and advise in preparation of Client offers to Candidate

Please call directly for more information: 416 733-3001 or email