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In this section, we expose and share our trade secrets and methods.

What we do – our service uses data, AI and other methods to determine the Score Metagraph and “the proof of awesomeness” (score PDF)

We don’t use non-relevant information such as… name, age, gender, country of origin, post-hiring data, subjective inferences. Why? This eliminates bias in our scoring.

The dangers of unsupervised AI in HR

⁃              AI using non-relevant information creates bias in hiring

⁃              AI black box secrecy shields data science from transparent, external validation.

Who should care?

  1. CTOs and Investors evaluating our scoring service
  2. Jobseekers worried that hiring practices are biased, unfair and costing them job interviews and offers
  3. Jobseekers worried about their privacy, and use of their data

Our Open Documentation

We are exposing and sharing our processes and methods

  1. Makes client and investor due diligence easier
  2. Builds trust in Geescore
  3. Exposes bad industry practices
  4. Showcases a better way to operate – using AI doesn’t have to be a race to the bottom