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Geescore™ connects you to high scoring Jobseekers


  • Hiring Managers get more decision making data
  • Social Boost Reputation Boost
  • Jobseeker Referrals Job Board Boost

Jobposter Pricing

Free scoring of your Candidates for any job posting.
Use Jobposter by Geescore™ chrome extension or Geescore™ scoring widget

All for only $19.97 get started

  • Unlock access to external high-scoring Jobseekers
  • Boost your posting in social networks (we’ve done that 50,000 times)
  • Get advice for which job boards are best suited for your job posting.
  • We help boost your reputation & we promote powerful word of mouth Jobseeker
  • Any job posting – 3 days of service

$199.97 per month get it all full dashboard access

    • Free 7 day Trial
    • Includes Unlock, Boost, Reputation & Referrals for 20 job postings
    • Get full Geescore™ access to scoring history for high-scoring Jobseekers
    • All documents, contact information and communications history
    • Access to all decision making R Tool data from ADD, SHARE, FIX
      plus Analytics & Metrics

(note: Jobseekers must provide explicit permission for access to their information)