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If you have a proven track record of success driving business revenues through Internet, social media and email channels, then this could be your dream job! If you have delivered results, and are ready for new challenges and opportunities, then… we’d be excited to speak with you today!

Director of Internet Marketing & Promotion

Frank Abrams

(416) 733-3001

Position Description:

We may be different from the company you are working for today.Our focus is on “The Right Activity Gets Results”.Everyone at zenPeak has the freedom (and responsibility) to manage their own time and to bring in results.

Send in your resume & instead of a cover letter, supply a few specific paragraphs of What You Can Do for zenPeak!

The successful Candidate:

Candidate will be able to fully understand the zenPeak business, identify paths to further the company’s success through Internet Marketing & Promotion, as well as develop, execute, review and adjust a results-oriented plan to deliver revenues.

We are looking for…
  • Intelligence
  • EQ for the role
  • total awareness of state of the art Internet Marketing: what will work for zenPeak, what won’t work & why
  • proven numeric results in driving sales through Internet Marketing & Promotion (minimum 5 years)
  • strongly committed and capable in social media especially LinkedIn and twitter
  • exceptional writing skills
  • consistency
  • persistence
  • organizational capabilities such as time management
  • excellent Internet and computer skills
  • work references (people you have directly worked for & reported to)
  • honesty
  • ability to work in a results only work environment
  • self-reliant
  • money-driven
  • a success mindset
  • desire for freedom & autonomy
  • desire to learn
  • get satisfaction from winning and success
  • high speed internet & home computer