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Frank Abrams

zenPeak Recruiters

Tel: 416 733-3001

Digital Marketing Coordinator

The Position: Direct responsibility for digital marketing production, delivery and client service.

Compensation: 50K range + bonus (to be determined)

The Company: A National Leader in contract and custom media services/publishing for Associations (digital & print). Over 20 years experience in online trade marketing, membership directories, industry buying guides, association websites, e-newsletters, video, advertising & sponsorship sales, as well as conferences and events across Canada.

Position Accountabilities:
  • Work with Clients as company’s customer service and delivery point of contact

  • Report to management and sales team
  • Coordinate the internal production of digital e-news, website and directory publications, leading the planning, scheduling, booking and coordinating internal production and technology resources
  • Assist in the formatting of data for implementation into digital platformsÂ
  • Gather relevant client information, and produce information sheets to be utilized by the inside sales teamÂ
  • Manage the schedule and workflow of internal digital productions, communicating with team members, advertisers, partners and producing production reportsÂ
  • Communicating with design and development staff to meet specifications for digital propertiesÂ
  • Working with Creative and Editorial teams to produce creative briefs to ensure the client’s brand vision is effectively translated into digital products
  • Working directly with clients to manage feedback on production work, sign-off key deliverables and present reports and findings
  • Build and manage advertiser stats reports and analytical reviews of digital publications and email campaigns, providing insight and recommendations
  • Contribute to company’s digital external digital marketing through supporting the management of web and social media channels (website, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Provide other support as required by management to assist the growth and development of digital products

Required Skills and Experience:
  • Excellent organizational and production management skills:

  • managing competing priorities,
  • communicating production and program requirements to internal and external resources,
  • timely delivery of assets adhering to guidelines
  • Extremely detail oriented
  • A broad knowledge of digital channels and digital marketing techniques, including email, newsletters, list management, as well as digital content marketing
  • Proficient in MS Office, MS Project, MS Dynamics customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), web-based applications, and content management frameworks (Joomla, WordPress)Â
  • Excellent communication and client service skills – written and verbal
  • Problem solving – finding, researching and self-identifying solutions
  • Excellent people skills with the ability to take a sales-centric approach to solutions
  • Quality control management – running campaigns and deployments strictly adhering to client expectations
  • Previous experience with b2b client service, inside sales or in a sales role
  • Knowledge of current digital marketing tactics: email marketing, SEO, social media, PPC, online copywriting