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Data Entry & Admin-Internet Specialist

Frank Abrams

416 733-3001

Toronto GTA


Position Overview:

Aid in the administration and management of the internal cloud-based database, as well as maintain the accuracy of current information of company entries, job alerts, and the RSS feed to Career Page, all in order to enhance the marketing recruitment initiatives of zenPeak’s Senior Executive Candidates.

      1. Expanding Company records in Smartsheet
        1. Entering new company records with accurate and current information to create new sources of jobs, as well as building out a concise database with key company information for recruitment marketing purposes
        2. Adding new rows, going to company websites and social media to obtain information about Senior contact person, Company information, Business Segments, Keywords and recording all information in Smartsheet (cloud-based spreadsheet)
        1. Enter Job Alerts into WordPress
          1. This position will scrape company websites to obtain information on various open positions available, and enter as a job alert through WordPress
          2. Use of WebHarvy to scrape websites to gather information such as career url, job description, tag words, location and special instructions for the user
          3. Enter this information in WordPress, as well as accessing the dashboard for editing the alerts if necessary
          1. Enter Job Alerts for zenPeak Marketing
            1. This position must be able to decipher whether job descriptions are suited to Senior Executive roles to be entered into the Senior Candidate Smartsheet for zenPeak marketing, or whether it should be classified as a job alert to be entered into WordPress
            2. The incumbent must have a solid understanding of job descriptions, roles, business segment, zenPeak’s internalized candidate backgrounds, and be able to easily match zenPeak’s Senior Candidates to the appropriate role and company.
            1. Run Aging reports and Interpret Results for Follow up
              1. This position will run aging reports in Smartsheet to identify the oldest and most recent entries to ensure that there is current information stored, i.e. last contact with company for follow up
              2. Run aging reports to determine when the last job alert was entered in order to identify if the job alert information is still current or outdated for follow up
              1. RSS Feed for Career Page
                1. The incumbent will be in charge of maintaining the RSS feed for the zenPeak’s Career Page and gather information for entering Job Alerts
                2. This role will create an internal mechanism to constantly update the RSS Feed, review content of feed to identify if there has been any updates, and also review feed for relevant open job positions that can be entered as a job alert

Required Knowledge: Data Entry Management, Quality Management, Database Management, Organization, Recruitment, Problem Solving, Research, Analyzing Information, Attention to Detail, Confidentiality, Decision Making, Results Driven, Reporting Skills

Experience: Previous experience with Excel or other spreadsheet is required.