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Focus on the Best, and Help the Rest

researchers found evidence that for a full 27% of hires, establishments never recorded a vacancy. What’s going on there? It’s possible to come up with different stories, but one is that establishments hire when they see someone they want even more reason to try to get your foot in the door before the door is open. Fox News article

Our focus is to identify, and work with “hidden” executive-level Candidates.

The first step is talking, meeting, connecting; getting to know you a little bit.

Why might you consider a new opportunity? Maybe your commuting time is wearing you down, making for very long days and stressing the family. Maybe your compensation has not kept up with market levels, or what you were promised when you joined or were last reviewed, just hasn’t materialized.

Work conditions may be difficult because of organizational or people problems, or maybe a long period of restructuring is wearing you down. Perhaps the current job no longer carries any challenges.

We’d like to talk and see if we are a good fit to discretely market you.

Of course we are picky about who we invest our time in. One look at the website tells you we are committed to helping job seekers, but this is different. We personally market senior-level people directly to decision-makers. And by the way…there is no cost to you besides your cooperation and time.

A person like you who is currently employed at what we call “The Leadership Level”, is not anxious to have their interest in pursuing another job disclosed in the marketplace. You are not in a mad rush to find work, and have limited time to apply for open positions.

Someone unemployed needs to reach out to their network for opportunities. You simply can’t if you are working. We do it.

Once we have “internalized” you, and are fully confident that we know what you can do for an organization, we reach out to the highest levels, namely C – level and senior executives, on a no name basis. Before we talk about you, we are measuring interest and trust on the Client side. Our first communication after a telephone chat is typically emailing a short profile on you, without identifiable information.

We don’t do the HR hamster wheel and chase around up and down the organization. If a senior executive is not interested in a rainmaker like you at the current moment, we thank them and move on.

We don’t do Recruiter vendor lists or take on assignments where multiple search companies are rushing to send in resumes. We don’t fire off resumes that we find on LinkedIn. To us that approach has steadily decreasing value in the internet-enabled marketplace.

This is our approach to Executive Search and Recruiting, and there is no cost to you besides your cooperation and time.


Why do zenPeak job ALERTs not include senior-level leadership positions? Our team gathers job ALERTs in a few ways, including directly going to company websites, and posting all mid-level and below opportunities. The job ALERTs are made available to all job seekers in the lite and full versions of our app. The exception is that senior opportunities are not posted – they are handed over to our Executive Search team to source jobs for people like you.

Why does our Executive Search team only work on Candidates like you? Quite frankly, the recruiting business is undergoing significant changes, like all industries, as a result of the Internet. Companies have an option to to staff lower and mid-level positions directly, without a Recruiter, using websites such as monster, workopolis, aggregation job sites like Indeed, or a career social network like LinkedIn. The value add of a Recruiter is who they know, and also what they know about a Candidate, and a Client company. The “value-add” erodes when multiple Recruiters, as part of a vendor list, are in a rush and take shortcuts, when they send in a resume.

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We look forward to helping you!

Frank Abrams
CEO & Founder
416 733-3001