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ZenPeak Pricing

We operate in a fundamentally different way from other search firms. Our fees are tied in to how we run our business.

ZenPeak Pricing
  1. zenPeak fees are lower: Recruiting fees at other companies are too high: they typically range from 17% up to 30% at other companies. With the emergence of new technologies and social networks, Recruiters can’t pretend that they have some sort of inside track anymore. They better dedicate the Time, Process and Resources to deliver value to a Client. They better work with the Client’s Candidates as well, to make sure the best people are considered & hired. We have a businessperson’s perspective; what would we pay in today’s business environment?
  2. No Shortcuts: Contingency Recruiters are forced to send in resumes as fast as they can because they are competing with other Recruiters on a job search. This doesn’t result in a positive outcome for anyone. Clients don”t get what they pay for. Recruiters only get paid on about 20% of the work they do. Our approach is different. We do a lot more upfront – before your first face to face interview with Candidates. (see below in FAQ) Is having an old-school Recruiter vendor list a guarantee of value and performance? Is it really a best-practice? or is a vendor list just the easy way to manage HR?
  3. We pass on savings to our paying Clients: We get paid for every search we work on: No speculative assignments – as a result, zenPeak fees are lower. If we work on a success basis, it is an opportunity we have created; We have a great Candidate, where we have identified a Client who may be interested, and we present the Candidate.
  4. Clients and Candidates in balance : You can see from our website, our job alerts apps, our 3 Second Resume app, our career guides and many other resources, that we are dedicated. Delivering great people to Clients who need help to solve problems, and are building great organizations and businesses.

Our fees are 5% fixed (due on contract signing at the start) and 10% success (due on hiring). There is a reduction to 8% success (due on hiring) if paid within 10 calendar days of hiring.

Net 13% (5% + 8%)

10 Things We Don’t Do! (click)

Satisfaction Guarantee: “we will refund your paid fixed fees after 6 months if we are unable to deliver on our promise and find you a Candidate to meet the approved position description”


What makes zenPeak Recruiting different?

We do much more work upfront, when it matters, on every zenPeak assignment:

  • Resume Repair to deliver a standardized resume style to you: “What The Candidate Can Do For You” (as needed)
  • EQ profiles (free)
  • EQ assessments (free)
  • Candidate’s “My Story”: success stories and profiles (included)
  • Candidate interview preparation to ensure compliance (included)
  • Search Team Reports to assess the difficulty of the search assignment and provide profiles of Candidates (as needed)
  • scheduled Formal Interviews with References (included)
  • and more

What if its hard to find a person & it takes a bit longer?

We keep working at it. A contingency recruiter may have already moved on to less challenging assignments.

Can you find us commission only employees?

No – we only recruit for positions that are at market rates and include at a minimum, a permanent base salary.

Who is zenPeak Recruiting?

zenPeak Recruiting was founded by Frank Abrams in 2008. The company has 7 Recruitment Associates (May 2012). Our approach is to be direct and transparent. We focus on a high level of Client service, dealing with top decision makers and others in their organization. Our Recruitment Associates are experienced in many business segments.

What about your Outplacement Services and Recruiting Canada’s Top Graduates?

We will be happy to discuss this with you anytime.

What if you can’t fill the order?

Our experience has been that we keep on working until we find a great Candidate.

What guarantees do you offer?

Satisfaction Guarantee: we will refund your paid fixed fees after 6 months if we are unable to deliver on our promise and find you a Candidate to meet the approved position description.

90 days on Candidates as well as 90 days on replacement Candidates