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Message from Frank Abrams, Founder Geescore™

Latest Update: In 2019 we launched a Beta program of the Geescore™ scoring tool, looking for feedback from 1,000 + HR Industry Experts and Business Leaders. The purpose of the Beta is to establish market need & demand, as well as to demonstrate Geescore™ to potential CoFounders  and Investors.

In July 2019, we launched our Jobposter by Geescore chrome browser extension. This was built for Companies and Hiring Managers to visit their job postings, and get free scoring of their Candidates, as well as to access external high-scoring Jobseekers, boost their job posting, and more.  

If you have any questions or comments about Geescore, please reach out — Thanks, Frank Abrams Founder CV

Finding an exceptional CoFounder is our first priority

Geescore™ is revolutionary. We are looking for an amazing CoFounder who believes Geescore™ can revolutionize HR, and fundamentally change how people find work, and how Companies find great people. The speed of Internet connectivity, as well as fast, low cost computer processing, are the facilitators making Geescore™ possible.

We can score a Jobseeker for any job posting, anywhere in about 3 seconds.

We help Jobseekers, Jobposters (Hiring Companies) and Publishers

Matching Science + 12 other HR Parameters

The Geescore™ scoring algorithms, and the machine learning processes to improve them, are founded on intelligence from real world recruiting and hiring experience. Unlike most HR Tech product and service innovation, Geescore ™ is not targeted to enterprise integration.

  1. Geescore™ is an automatic Jobseeker scoring tool
  2. Geescore™ is hyper-fast (3-4 seconds as of Jan 2019)
  3. Geescore™ works with any job posting, anywhere
  4. Geescore™ works with any Jobseeker
  5. Geescore™ is based on matching science (tags), as well as over 12 real world recruiting parameters
  6. Geescore™ automatically improves based on machine learning
  7. Geescore™ helps Jobseekers improve their scores by adding data, sharing links, and filling in missing information
  8. Geescore™ is easy to use, free to try, low cost and low commitment for Jobposters to use: 3 days less than $20 per job posting
  9. Geescore™ complements any HR system in use
  10. Geescore™ includes Company Reputation Management and Jobseeker Referrals

Frank Abrams Founder Self-Evaluation

My Strengths

  1. Ideation & innovation
  2. Patience
  3. Talent sourcing & leadership
  4. Persistence
  5. Not quitting – completing efforts
  6. Quality focus

My Weaknesses

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Patience
  3. Not money focused
  4. Independent – resistant to authority
  5. INFJ – introverted, loner
  6. Don’t trust others easily

The CoFounder Opportunity

Looking for…

  1. Someone who does a lot of thinking about the Geescore™ concepts, services, pricing, distribution channels, products.
  2. Someone who loves the opportunity and sees how they can make it much, much better, and contribute to our success.
  3. Someone better than me (Frank Abrams IP Founder);
    • Deal track record,
    • Hands-on operational experience
    • Business network,
    • Investor connections; VC, Corporate VC, Angels, Funds


  1. Not maintaining open communication channels
  2. Abandoning the role; stopping to spend time and effort on the opportunity
  3. Conflict of obligation or side deals
  4. Unprofessional; cancelling commitments without discussion
  5. Balance sheet lenders, rent seekers

Geescore™ Project Risk

This graphic assesses the Geescore™ startup risk

Split of Duties between CoFounder Executive & IP Founder

This graphic indicates the anticipated split of duties between CoFounder leadership and IP Founder, Frank Abrams

The current burn rate is about US $ 8,000 a month (development, hosting etc,). There is no debt. Geescore™ is not incorporated in any jurisdiction.

Do you already have some ideas to make Geescore™ a success?

Is Geescore™ for you? If not… who do you know that would be a perfect CoFounder?

Let’s talk some more.

Frank Abrams

416 733-3001