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Message from Frank Abrams, Founder Geescore™

Latest Update: In 2020 we have enhanced our capabilities to deliver  Jobseeker Scoring as a service. Our data science team has expanded to allow us to work on scoring validation to ensure bias-free and accurate scoring results.  

If you have any questions or comments about Geescore, please reach out — Thanks, Frank Abrams Founder CV

Finding exceptional Investors and CoFounders is a priority


Geescore™ is revolutionary.


We are looking for Investors and CoFounders who understand the service we have built, and believe that Geescore™ can revolutionize HR, fundamentally changing how people find and apply for work.


We have purposefully avoided seeking investment until our Geescore™ Jobseeker scoring service was built and operational – which it is.


We don’t have to make claims about what we intend to do. We have done it, and we are now working every day, to make the Geescore™ Jobseeker scoring service better.

We can score a Jobseeker for any job posting, anywhere in a few seconds.

Geescore™ Jobseeker Scoring as a Service


From left to right below;

  • The Jobseeker chrome extension for free scoring on any job posting, anywhere
  • The Jobposter chrome extension for free scoring of Candidates
  • The Geescore™ scoring widget embedded into job postings
  • The Geescore™ dashboard integrated into Client dashboards, or accessed inside the job posting
Jobseekers on a Job Search
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Scoring in any Job Posting
 Geescore™ inside your dashboard

Matching Science, Relevant Experience + other HR Parameters

The Geescore™ scoring algorithms, and the machine intelligence processes to improve them, are founded on wisdom from real world recruiting and hiring experience. Geescore ™ has easy enterprise integration to Client dashboards via API.

  1. Geescore™ is an automatic Jobseeker scoring service that is bias-free and objective
  2. Geescore™ is hyper-fast (2 seconds 2020 performance target)
  3. Geescore™ works with any job posting, anywhere
  4. Geescore™ works with any Jobseeker
  5. Geescore™ factors in matching science, determines relevant experience, and scores other real world HR parameters
  6. Geescore™ automatically improves based on machine intelligence and Jobseeker suitability evaluations
  7. Geescore™ helps Jobseekers improve their scores by adding data, sharing links, and filling in missing information
  8. Geescore™ is easy to use, free to try, low cost and low commitment
  9. Geescore™ complements Job Portal performance programs
  10. Geescore™ includes scoring validation procedures

Investor and CoFounder Opportunity

Looking for…

  1. Someone who does a lot of thinking about the Geescore™ concepts, services, pricing, distribution channels, products.
  2. Someone who loves the opportunity and sees how they can make it much, much better, and contribute to our success.
  3. Someone who is a high-level, proven Contributor;
    • Deal track record,
    • Hands-on operational experience
    • Business network,
    • Investor connections; VC, Corporate VC, Angels, Funds


  1. Not maintaining open communication channels
  2. Abandoning the role; stopping to spend time and effort on the opportunity
  3. Conflict of obligation or side deals
  4. Unprofessional; cancelling commitments without discussion
  5. Balance sheet lenders, rent seekers

Geescore™ Project Risk

This graphic assesses the Geescore™ startup risk

The current burn rate is about US $ 10,000 a month.

There is no debt.

Geescore™ is owned 100% by Frank Abrams.

Do you already have some ideas to make Geescore™ a success?

Is Geescore™ for you? If not… who do you know that would be a perfect CoFounder or Partner?

Let’s talk some more.

Frank Abrams

416 733-3001