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Jobseeker by Geescore™ drops down over any job posting, anywhere, and gets you your score in a few seconds – for FREE!

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Get high-scoring Jobseekers!

Jobposter by Geescore™ drops down over your job postings, or any job posting, anywhere, and scores your Candidates – for FREE + more!

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Geescore™ scores a Jobseeker for any job posting anywhere, in a few seconds.

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Jobseekers can use the widget to get free scoring on a limited number of job postings each day. Jobseekers can select a premium service for unlimited scoring, including getting connected directly to the Hiring Manager, when they get a high score (best efforts basis).

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The scoring widget has a unique capability to shift from the Jobseeker View, into a Jobposter View, designed to be used by the Hiring Manager, working to find good Candidates to fill the job posting.

The Jobposter View lets a Hiring Manager score their Candidates for free for the job posting.

For a low price, the Jobposter gets a powerful set of services including unlocking high-scoring external Jobseekers. If a Jobposter has many jobs to fill they can also choose a free trial of full dashboard cloud-based access.

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A Publishing Partner has a share in multiple sources of Geescore™ revenue, organized under the Publisher’s unique Partner code. The Publishing Partner has dashboard access to view every job posting, Jobposter data, Job Board data, revenues, metrics, analytics under their Publishing Partner code.

The Publisher has a responsibility to get the scoring widget deployed in job postings, lists of jobs and job boards. We provide the technology and sales support to help the Publisher reach out to Jobposters (Companies, Organizations etc.) and promote

(1) Trying the Jobposter View by using our chrome browser extension on top of any job posting, to test the Geescore™ solution and

(2) Embedding the javascript scoring widget into their job postings. The Publisher is also expected to provide email contact data for the Jobposters (Companies, Organizations etc.) using Geescore™.


How It Works – Step by Step Click Here

Geescore™ scores a Jobseeker for any job posting anywhere, in a few seconds.

Scoring Tool

Geescore™ delivers a Jobseeker score for a specific job, at a moment in time (resume needed once)

Geescore™ Scoring
  • Is automatic
  • Is fast – score delivered in a few seconds
  • Works in Chrome or Firefox browser, with any job posting, anywhere
  • Works in widgets, web and mobile apps with any job posting, anywhere
  • Is a tool that complements any HR system, job board or job posting
  • Is a high-value tool for Jobposters or Company Hiring Managers
  • Easy to use – no need for integration
  • Free to try
  • Low cost
  • Low commitment
  • More Jobseeker data

R Tool

Geescore™ challenges Jobseekers to improve their score by fixing missing info. and adding documents & data

R Tool

The reward for Jobseekers is a higher score

The resulting benefit for Hiring Managers is more decision-making documents & data

 Consumer Relationship – improve Jobposter reputation and brand via engagement excellence

 Improve score and collect more data via challenges

Last mile – connect high scoring Jobseekers to Jobposters